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How Virtual Marriage Counseling Makes You Treasure Your Relationship?

Marriage counseling works for those seeking support to resolve relationship issues and couples who are separated and want to reconcile. Often, miscommunication and misunderstandings happen, and couples find it hard to put themselves in each other’s shoes and understand each other’s perspective. When couples find it hard to resolve the issues themselves and want their […]

Why Reaching A Relationship Therapist Is Better Than Regretting Later?

Relationship therapy is a particular kind of family therapy that can be useful in examining the underlying reasons why two individuals disagree. This relationship therapy also emphasizes strengthening communication abilities to mend and develop a love relationship. Marriage counseling or couples therapy can have a lot of advantages when two people commit to it. It […]

Why Is It Essential To Have Faith-Based Marriage Counseling?

Marriage and relationships are often complex aspects for many people. One may expect a partner that cares and listens to the person very well. However, this is impossible for everyone, and relationships made in haste can lead to harmful impacts later in life. With the inclusion of social media platforms, many people have witnessed a […]

Why Mental Health Counseling In Apex, NC Needed For Better Living?

Many people are curious and wonder about mental health counseling or psychotherapy. However, counseling is not just for people who struggle with mental health. The counseling is for anyone with concerns and issues with their mental health affecting their daily quality of life. Whether you have trouble with daily working stress, relationship problems, or anything […]

5 Signs You And Your Partner Needs A Relationship Therapist

Are you concerned that your relationship needs some help? Every marriage goes through a point where couples cannot understand each other. And it’s okay! Every relationship goes through tough times. Some people feel shame because they think they can figure out their relationship problems independently. Unfortunately, it leads to more problems and makes your relationship […]

Music Therapy: More Than Just Entertainment

Although rooted in ancient civilizations and found in every culture, music is often not recognized as central to wellness and therapeutic services. However, through my academic and professional work as a music therapist, I have witnessed the healing power of music. Music therapy is an evidenced-based, safe and effective treatment provided by trained professionals and […]

Approaching Mental Health Care with a Trauma-Informed Perspective

My father was a psychiatrist in the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s. Like many mental health practitioners of his time, he tended to define people by their supposed pathologies: “This one is a depressive,” or “That one is borderline,” and even “Oh, she’s got a paranoid personality.” Thankfully, mental health services for depression awareness have progressed […]

Coming to Terms with Mental Illness and My Identity

In 2013, I was hospitalized — and my entire outlook on life shifted. My doctor diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. My mind was spinning; I didn’t think someone like me could have that illness. There’s no way I could be crazy, I thought, because I am not weak. Looking back, I can understand that I […]

A Healthy Couple’s Guide To Stay Connected In The Digital Age

With the increasing digital interactions among individuals, more and more couples are switching to social media to post their feelings in front of strangers instead of communicating with their loved ones. Due to this, misunderstandings among couples begin to cultivate, and they develop negative feelings of loneliness, low confidence, and narcissism. Also, more individuals are […]

Top 3 Compelling Reasons To See Out-Of-Network Therapists

Many individuals are comfortable joining hands with the in-network therapists because they know it would be more effortless and cost-efficient. Although the payment options with in-network therapists are countless and seamless, nothing can beat the perks of an out-of-network therapist. Investing in out-of-network therapists might initially feel like a risky task since individuals are not […]