A Healthy Couple’s Guide To Stay Connected In The Digital Age


With the increasing digital interactions among individuals, more and more couples are switching to social media to post their feelings in front of strangers instead of communicating with their loved ones. Due to this, misunderstandings among couples begin to cultivate, and they develop negative feelings of loneliness, low confidence, and narcissism. Also, more individuals are so influenced by social media posts that they develop feelings of jealousy and unhealthy expectations, lose all their romantic emotions and envy others. All this show-off on the internet ultimately causes couples to lose their romantic connection.

That’s why our experts offering counseling for couples in Raleigh, NC, have outlined the ultimate guide to helping couples stay connected in the digital age.


Tips To Help You Avoid Your Self-Harming Social Media Habits 


Before blaming your partner for all the negative situations and feelings in your life, consider reading our top tips by our skilled professionals offering counseling for couples and helping couples maintain a long-term and prosperous relationship.


  1. Start Interrogating Yourself & Develop Self-Awareness


Before asking your partner to change their habits, consider asking yourself whether what you are requesting from them is worth compromising your relationship for or not. Become aware of the maximum hours you spend on social media watching relationship-related videos and gestures. Also, ask yourself if what you want from your partner will strengthen your relationship and make you truly happy. Finally, our experts offering counseling for couples suggest that you identify if you possess some kind of impulsive, unhealthy, or unsafe behaviors due to the influence of everything you see on social media.


  1. Make Time To Have Quality & Valuable Talks With Each Other


If we actually begin to analyze the hours we spend on the phone and view the activity spent on social media, we will be shocked to see how smartphones often affect our quality bonding time and affect our relationships in multiple ways. Once you start to monitor your social media usage and screen time, you can analyze if you are virtually addicted or not. This healthy exercise will help you and your partner get close again and reignite the spark of love and connection that’s been lost due to the highly interactive digital era.


  1. Maintain Distance from the Digital Tech Hindering Your Connection


Besides avoiding disrupting the privacy of your partner and their phones, start distancing yourself from the digital technologies taking much of your relationship space and time and creating communication problems in your relationship. Also, identify if you always want to check your partner’s smartphones. It may prove that you have specific trust issues, and it’s high time you think about having some honest conversations with your partner. Finally, experts offering couples therapy in Raleigh, NC, advise establishing certain boundaries with your partner and reminding each other to follow them respectfully.


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