Different Ways To Cope With Perimenopausal Depression

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Menopause comes with multiple changes in women’s emotional, biological, and physical appearance. In addition to that, another issue women face during the transitional period to menopause is perimenopausal depression. Perimenopausal is a transitional period before menopause. During this period, women are likely to experience depression even if they haven’t experienced it before. Many women go for counseling services for mental health. The fluctuation and changes in hormones occurring before menopause increase women’s vulnerability to different mood disorders and depression. Learn more about perimenopausal depression and how one can heal it from below.

What is Perimenopausal Depression?

Perimenopausal is a transitional phrase all women undergo before their menopause, also refer as “around menopause.” Perimenopausal depression is a serious health issue during the transition period to menopause. Some symptoms of depression faced by women are Irritability, Anxiety, Feelings of sadness, insomnia, and fatigue. Physical symptoms that aggravate perimenopausal depression include hot flashes and trouble sleeping. 

As per a study, women who have shown perimenopause are more likely to experience depression than those who have not. Difficult to concentrate and memory issues are a part of perimenopausal, but they are temporary and can be fixed with appropriate treatment. Women struggling with perimenopausal depression can cope with it via counseling services for mental health or other treatment methods. Learn about different approaches to treat your perimenopausal depression below. 

Practical Approaches To Cope-Up With Perimenopausal Depression

Perimenopausal depression can be managed and treated with a few remedies. If you are struggling with Perimenopausal depression, consider these options to cope with its symptoms.  

  1. Lifestyle Changes 

It is essential to take care of physical and mental well-being during perimenopausal depression. The changes like proper diet, improved ways of taking a healthy diet, restricted alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and more are helping in mitigating the effects of perimenopausal depression. You can opt for telehealth counseling services to get counseling about the changes you can make to your lifestyle to treat depression. 

  1. Antidepressants 

Antidepressants are another form of treatment you can consider to cope with perimenopausal depression. The antidepressants help in alleviating the perimenopausal depression-related symptoms. These medications reduce the severity of irritability, anxiety, feelings of sadness, insomnia, and help cope with depression associated with perimenopausal.

  1. Counseling Services For Mental Health 

Counseling services are the most typical way to treat depression. Suffering from severe symptoms of perimenopausal depression may adversely affect your mental well-being. With the proper telehealth counseling services, you can address the issues with your counselor. The counselor will provide you with multiple solutions to cure the depression and live a stress-free life. 

  1. Psychotherapy 

Psychotherapy is an effective way to treat perimenopausal depression. Under this therapy, your therapist identifies the underlying factors of depression and anxiety. The therapist will understand the factors and teach you to respond to these factors. 

      5. Meditation 

Yoga and meditation help relieve irritability and anxiety experienced pre-menopause. Yoga therapy and meditation help treat symptoms like hot flushes and night sweats. Yoga helps in maintaining a tranquil state of mind and enhancing overall well-being. 

Get Help For Perimenopausal Depression Here!

Transitioning into menopause brings fear, tension, depression, and anxiety. It happened due to hormonal changes, including alleviating levels of estrogen and progesterone, resulting in Perimenopausal depression, but it is a treatable condition. There are some different ways to treat the condition, as mentioned above. If your depression symptoms are severe, you can approach Apex Clinical Counseling, LLC for effective counseling and therapy for mental health at Wake Forest. Reach out to us to know more.