Anxiety: Managing Anxiety with the 3-3-3 rule

Managing Anxiety

Handling the Anxiety yourself is something that can even cost your sleep. While many of us returned to work in the post-pandemic world, many people have fallen prey to Anxiety because of changing schedules and overwork. At that moment, don’t forget to pay attention to your feelings. Of course, you know what is and is not normal for you. So, if you notice that your tension is getting worse, look for mental health counseling services for adults like Apex clinical counseling, as it is unhealthy to be constantly anxious, exhausted, or angry.

What is Anxiety, and the impact does it have on your mental health?

Anxiety can be a feeling that is a massive alarm sent off by a disturbing thought or occurrence. Anxiety and despair often increase with the outbreak. Hence, mental health counseling services are required. If you’ve been lucky enough to keep your job, you’re probably changing your work habits. We’re all doing it. Change is a significant source of worry for most people, taking place at a rapid pace and on a large scale in the modern world. Furthermore, there is considerable concern about the economy, health, and financial stability. Under normal conditions, the dualities of life, work, and home can leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

It’s pretty easy to be consumed by all of the emotions swirling inside of you. When this isn’t addressed, it leads to emotional exhaustion. It can undermine your health and overall welfare, in addition to zapping your energy levels. Telehealth counseling services can help in coping with that. Hence, it would be best to discuss your mental health with your doctor. Other than that, when you’re feeling down, trusting in the power of 3-3-3 might help you return to a more comfortable reality.

3-3-3 rule to eliminate Anxiety:

When you feel a panic attack coming on, follow the 3-3-3 rule with these steps: 

  1.  First, glance around you and concentrate on naming three items you notice. 
  2. After that, name three sounds you hear in your environment. 
  3. Finally, move three different portions of your body: your ankles, arms, and fingers.

This 3 3 3 rule for Anxiety, when combined with deep breathing, has always proven to be extremely useful for anxiety sufferers. Following this rule of three reduces stress in a short amount of time, brings you back to the present moment, and assists you in finding serenity within the turmoil that may be present.

What Can the 3-3-3 rule Bring?

By practicing the 3-3-3 rule to eliminate Anxiety, you will feel a calmness in your thoughts as well and other differences such as:

  1. Distract your attention away from the Anxiety 
  2. Keep your focus on the present moment 
  3. Remove yourself from bad emotions and feelings by keeping your mind away from undesired thoughts.

But to master the technique, you must keep practicing even if you’ve not got an anxiety attack. This way, it can be easier for you to tackle the trauma, and you’ll be able to handle your panic attack smoothly. 

While Anxiety and other mental health problems have a broader impact on your senses and thoughts, you must consult counseling firms such as Apex Clinical Counselling which are well-known for their therapist for mental health Raleigh. They will help you get rid of your trauma with their skillful techniques and therapies.